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If you have a friend, partner or relative who is in love with dancing, you can make such a nice dance gift! 13 hours of classes - perfect for a long holidays!

Phase 2 - Dance Intensive - The best gift for a dancer friend

  • 1. Fill in the column Additional Information - Name and Surname of the person who will be involved in the future, in order to enter in the certificate.


    2. Purchase a certificate. PayPal, card or choose another method. You will receive an email with other options.


    3. After payment, you will receive a certificate with your first and last name by mail, which you can print and pack if necessary. Or just send a picture.


    4. After receiving a gift, your friend must register on the site at any convenient time via mail / facebook / google.


    5. Send an email to with the subject GIFT, her/his first name, last name, and mail to activate the Intensive in your profile. From this day on, the Intensive will be available for 6 months.

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