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Inhale. Exhalation. Reboot.

Cappadocia is a breathtaking place to visit at least once in a lifetime. Fairy houses, hot air balloon rides

over underground cities are just some of what you will see.

Castles carved into the rock, canyons and valleys and wonderful sunsets and sunrises.

All this not just as a traveler - but as a DANCER!

New sensations in the dance under my careful guidance, as well as the most beautiful thing that we can do together -

the video project with exclusive choreography especially for you! 

Evening tea talks about dancing and not only, live communication. OMG... I already have goosebumps from this!

Registration from February5
at 18:00 Tallinn UTC+3

I want to warn you right away so that you can understand concept -



Without families, kids or accompanying persons. Only dancers live in the hotel.

Just you, the other dancers and me.

We live in one place and go everywhere together. Of course, with free time too. 

Put your phone on do not disturb mode and enjoy your PERSONAL long-awaited vacation!



+ breakfast

in the Henna Hotel


Video project

under my guidance

in unique places

Flight from Istanbul 

to Kayseri +

transfer to the hotel



with a professional photographer

Hot Air Balloon flight 

with champagne!

Andrea Soteras.00_02_15_09.Still390.jpg


sewn for you and

stay with you

Horse riding tour

with a beautiful sunset


15 hours 

training with me!

Intensive + Choreography




Inspiration and 

the brightest memories!




This beautiful hotel is located above the village of Goreme with breathtaking views of the numerous stone terraces.

In the early morning at sunrise, you can admire the hot air balloons filling the sky or enjoy panoramic views of the village and the surrounding valleys, mountains and Erciyes Volcano.

Each room, corner and terrace is tastefully decorated with simple artifacts reflecting the area's unique history.

Built over ancient stone dwellings used by locals for centuries, all of the original stone walls have been preserved and blend in harmoniously with the design of the space.


Breakfast included.


9 hours intensive built exclusively for this event and 

consisting of three main elements:





Content and depth of any 

choreographic work can only be revealed accurately with the help of precise dance technique. Education of the body, work on coordination and deep mastery of various dance techniques are the basis of performing skills 

and its foundation.

We will direct our focus inside to all our sensations in order to train the body productively and with pleasure!

The dancer manifests space with movement, rather than moving in space.

As in the theater, we can show to audience what is around us: walls, castles or clouds and 

project it through movement. 

Space is not only just an empty square of the stage, in which simple choreographic techniques are used - the center, backstage or circle.

But also more interesting and vibrant visual solutions.

Dancing is like a Talk. We all speak the same words, but the impression of speech is different. Intonation, timbre, interest - all this creates the energy of a conversation. The energy in dance is the force that controls the movement and gives it the quality. We read energy from dancers through their body language. And we can express not only the visualmovement, but also to work with its content.We will learn how to make your technique speakable.


Costumes are included in the cost of the project.


I want to direct all my focus to your development, so you will dance and show your "the best" without me.

Show up, shine, enjoy!


We will study the choreography and improvisation techniques for the project during retreat.


I'm going to make the costumes at the end of May -

beginning of June.

By this time I will request your measurements.

The "graduation" project from this adventure will be a beautiful

video story with you all. I will stand with the camera on the other side of the frame to control the process

and find the best side of you!


This is a unique opportunity to make it in Cappadocia!

This will be very different from my solo project last year and it not to be repeated.

But in general it will be in the style of a sensual and

ethnic tribal fusion dance video!


Photo by Iza Lo / Tribal Camp Poland


You will have a photo session with a professional photographer. Pay attention to the schedule. First, we will take pictures with the background of air balloons, and they fly only in the morning. 

Then, after a short break, we will take pictures at the Sultan Carpets location.

We will be photographed according to the schedule list at different times. Not at the same time.

Details will be closer to the event.

You choose the costumes and the images yourself, but you can also take the costume from the project.

Retouched photos - 10 photos. You can also order additional retouch.


Visiting tourist places with your family is so great, but when you walk with like-minded dancers - it's just a dream!

We will fly in a hot air balloon together, sunset horse ride, and we will zaharit at a dervish show and watch

an incredible sunset!!! Can you imagine this palette of emotions?!?