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"Only the one who travels opens new paths"

This time I invite you to my home... A cozy homely atmosphere filled with my care for you.

We will spend time not only studying & dancing in my home dance studio, but also traveling to my favorite places in Estonia.

A small group of 10 people is the perfect company to spend time with!

We will explore and express ourselves in dance, drink tea with healthy sweets together, walk through the forest and the coast of the Gulf of Finland, look for the mysteries of an abandoned estate and ancient ruins and take a steam bath in 8 types of saunas.

Registration 25 March
in 18:00 Tallinn time UTC+3

I want to warn you right away so that you do not scroll further -



Without families, children or accompanying persons. Only dancers live in the hotel.

Just you, the other dancers and me.

We live in one place. We go everywhere together. 

Put your phone on "do not disturb" mode and enjoy your long-awaited vacation!



+ breakfast

In a hotelViimsi SPA


Estonian adventures

by the most beautiful


All possible



10 hours



Sauna center

and LUX SPA center


5 hours 


craft class 

Food and dinners



Concert Party

with video

from me


with Ksenia Svetlakova


Inspiration and 

the brightest impressions!


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The well-known Tallinn Viimsi SPA complex is located just 10 kilometers from the center of Tallinn, on the picturesque Viimsi peninsula. Here you will find high-quality service and friendly staff, whose task is to offer you  the opportunity to actively relax, take care of your health and relax. This hotel will become the main place of your rest.

Beds separate. Accommodation for 2 people per room. 


Breakfast included.


10 hace intensive for dancers of all levels who want to improve their technique,

performance skills and artistic expression.

This is not only working out the technique "on the mirror."  

This is the fun creative exercises.

This is a journey into the world of images and roles.

This is an opportunity to get to know yourself better and express yourself from the other side. 

This is an unusual work with musicality. 

And many many others. We will try to do everything I planned in 10 hours. But you will get a sea of inspiration 100%!

Inside the program there will be a lot of both classical tribal fusion technique and interesting improvisation, work with artistry and self-expression!


"Coffee & Craft"
costume making and basic sewing skills

Finally, I can uncover all my sewing machines to show you live how the image is created. We will take 1-3 looks as an example and see how to quickly and beautifully sew a suit with and without equipment.

I have a whole sewing room at home, which was waiting in the wings! 

We will model, apply, glue, sew. 

And most importantly, we will analyze the aesthetics of the costume in motion and on stage! 

There will be a lot of tea and cookies to think and do better!

Take your favorite fabric and accessories with you, we will definitely create something together!


“Beauty can be noticed in everything, because seeing and compiling beauty is what

what separates a shot from a photograph.” – Matt Hardy

Снимок экрана 2023-03-03 в 23.14.10.png

Hey hey! My name is Ksenia. I have been doing photography since 2013. Photography for me is not just a job, it's my life! Therefore, in each photo shoot, I give my best 100%.

I am very lucky, because making people a little happier is a real pleasure. Being a versatile creative person and as fashion designer by education, I will help you with advice on image and organization so that the photo session is relaxed and you get your most beautiful and  happy photos. 

I have an individual approach to each client and I will do my best to make you satisfied. ❤️


We are organizing a photo project in one beautiful ancient manor! You will absolutely love spending time there and there are an incredible number of interesting angles where we can shoot, so that the photos will be different.

I was thinking about a video project, but by the end of the summer I will be creatively squeezed like a lemon.

Therefore, I trust you to the beautiful Ksenia so that you will have a memory from this trip. 

 We will take pictures one by one. During breaks, you can take a walk or just relax.

I will definitely help everyone in the image and assist Ksenia. 

All original photos will be sent to you, and 10 retouched ones of your choice.

Additional retouching of one photo (and knowing Ksenia, you will definitely want more) - 5 euros.

Ksenia and I love to work together, and here are our projects.


The best journey is a journey to yourself, to your feelings and sensations.


In the course of everyday affairs, we often forget about this, which is why it is so important to periodically shift the focus of attention to ourselves. The spa center of our hotel provides a full range of spa treatments using state-of-the-art equipment for maximum relaxation and recovery.

In addition to the steam bath and three Finnish saunas, you can enjoy a salt bath, a wood-burning steam bath and a juniper bath.. Between visits to the baths, you can cool off in the wonderful spa pools and jacuzzis, as well as enjoy refreshing healthy cocktails in the spa bar.

We will visit both the Sauna Center all together and the LUX Spa Center (access to the Sauna Center is also preserved), where you can fully enjoy bodily relaxation! It's quieter, less noisy, and free refreshments. There is also a bar-cafe in the pool.